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Ignite Your Sports Spirit at Super Sports Park - Uncover Fun for Your Family and Friends!

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Nestled on the ground floor of No. 1 Silver Sea near Olympian City, a colossal venue unfolds, marking its territory as the largest indoor sports park in Hong Kong. With its grand footprint sprawled across 50,000 square feet, the Super Sports Park (SSP) is a ultimate sport destination for individuals of all ages. Whether you're a kid, a teen, or an adult, SSP brings you over 20 unique, healthy, and physically engaging sports under a single roof, ensuring you're entertained all day long.

Embrace Your Inner Athlete at Our Trampoline Park

One of the primary attractions at SSP is our Trampoline Park. We have thoughtfully designed separate zones for adults and children to ensure utmost safety and enjoyment. Parents can watch their kids relish their bouncing spree, surrounded by protective sponge anti-collision nets while they partake in their own trampoline workout. The adults' area boasts a professional-grade trampoline, where, under the guidance of our experienced coaches, you can spring into the air and master various skill moves, pushing your limits. For our little guests, the children's area hosts a sponge pool for a cushioned, soft landing amidst an ocean of sponge bricks.

Bowl the Perfect Game at SSP

Immerse yourself in the laid-back atmosphere of our bowling facility. Easy to play and immensely enjoyable, bowling at SSP offers a stress-free environment where you can unwind with your loved ones, be it family or friends. Each roll of the ball adds up to a total score, ensuring you a fun experience, making it a perfect indoor sport for all ages.

Dive into the Fun Wave at Children's Paradise

Young minds require dynamic and exciting engagement. Our Children's Paradise, a world full of fun and games, is the ideal place for your little ones. From wave pools and small ball games to pint-sized climbing walls, we cater to the exploratory spirit of the younger participants. It's a safe and vibrant corner which we designed to keep them entertained while stimulating their mental and physical development.

Seek Thrills at Children's Adventure

Adventure and curiosity go hand-in-hand for children. To feed their thirst for exciting challenges, SSP hosts a dedicated Children's Adventure Area. With two-story climbing frames and slides of varying lengths and heights, we provide the perfect setting for those looking to push their boundaries. Under the supervision of our professional coaches, your child's safety and fun remain our priority, giving you peace of mind while they tackle new challenges.

More than Just Sports-SSP Cafe

At SSP, we also understand the importance of relaxation and refreshment after an action-packed day. Our in-house restaurant/café caters to your hunger pangs, offering a wide variety of cuisines to recharge your energy. For special occasions or celebrations, we offer a private party room available for bookings, transforming your ordinary day into an extraordinary celebration.

Join us at SSP to bond, play, and make memories. Unleash your athletic spirit, challenge yourself, and enjoy a day filled with joy, laughter, and healthy competition. Whether you're trying your hand at trampolining, knocking down bowling pins, or conquering the adventure zone, there's no limit to the fun at Super Sports Park, Hong Kong. Your ultimate family-friendly sports venue awaits your arrival!


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