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Super Sports Park: The Ultimate Challenges Awaiting You in Hong Kong

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with Super Sports Park (SSP), Hong Kong's largest indoor sports park. Housed in a vast 50,000 square feet space, SSP offers you an unparalleled arena of more than 20 diverse and exhilarating sports activities. But the adventure doesn't stop there. Are you ready to take up our ultimate challenges?

Climbing Wall: Rise to the Summit

Reach for new heights at SSP's Climbing Wall. With four climbing tracks, each designed with handrails of varying sizes, this challenging course gradually increases in difficulty as you ascend. Conquer your fear, test your strength, and push your limits as you climb your way to the top of our 8-meter high wall.

Air Zipline: Fly Above the Field

Experience the thrill of soaring through the air on our Air Zipline. Fly over the whole field and feel the exhilaration of sliding through the air. Perfectly safe and incredibly exciting, this unique adventure gives you a bird's eye view of the entire park.

Ninja Obstacle Array: Train Your Brain and Body

Get ready to flex both your mind and muscle with our Ninja Obstacle Array. Navigate your way through a challenging maze of obstacles, testing your physical strength and mental agility. Ideal for children and adults alike, this course allows you to showcase your skills and overcome your limits.

Roller Skating Rink: Balance and Speed

If you're up for a challenge that tests your balance and focus, then our Roller Skating Rink is the place for you. Our professional instructors will guide you how to quickly get started, then you can start to enjoy the thrill of high-speed skating. With free roller skates available for borrowing, this extreme activity is a perfect combination of fun and excitement.

Skateboard Park: Experience the Street

Embrace the spirit of the streets in our Skateboard Park. Navigate your way around a variety of obstacles such as slopes, railings, bars, and more, each with their unique levels of difficulty. With professional instructors available on-site, you'll safely learn the basics of skateboarding, while experiencing the thrill that comes with mastering this sport. Come here to step out of your COMFORT ZONE!

Super Sports Park is not just an indoor sports park; it's a realm of adventure, challenge, and fun. With activities ranging from the thrilling Air Zipline to the challenging Climbing Wall and the exciting Skateboard Park, there is always a new challenge awaiting you at SSP.

Plan Your Visit

Are you prepared to face the ultimate challenges? Super Sports Park is located on the ground floor of No. 1 Silver Sea near Olympian City. Our professional instructors are always ready to guide you, ensuring your safety and enjoyment. So why wait? Plan your visit to SSP today, where the thrill of sports and the joy of challenges await you!


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